Women — Daringly Crazy

3 min readMar 9, 2021


Women. The power of women. Arguably the backbone of the world; the society even. But only if we are cute, quiet and willing, right? What does the world say every time a woman uses her voice, or makes noise about something she’s passionate about or even stands up for what she believes in? What about when a woman is successful.





Nike is here to put a stop to the stereotypical opinion from society.

In an attempt to support women in every aspect of life, they created a commercial showing despite what people say, women are incredible.

This commercial began with clips of various monumental women in sports showing passion. The voice over calling them sexist slurs that society has allowed to form. Calling women, “unhinged, dramatic, crazy, nuts, hysterical etc”.

Ever so quickly transitioning into how without being crazy, we would have never achieved what we have. Nike allows the voice of Serena Williams to tell the audience, that without crazy, we wouldn’t have the first woman to dunk, the first woman to run a marathon, boxing, coaching an NBA team, competing in a hijab, Serena Williams winning 23 grand slams — having a baby — then returning to compete.

They then play on words, telling women everywhere that if the world wants to call them crazy, then to show them what crazy can do.

The characters of this commercial were strategically chosen. Clips of important women like Sue Bird, Serena Williams, Britney Grinner and several more showing the importance of women. The one narrating the story was Serena Williams herself, arguably one of the best women in sports. It gives you a beginning, evoking emotion, anger for the stereotype of women, common phrases we have all most likely dealt with. Never being good enough. Then showing us that anyone, despite their age, race, sexuality, religion, background, disability etc, can be successful. So be it that they call you crazy, you have to be a little crazy to achieve what we want.

Being a female athlete at such a high level, this hits so close to home. I sacrificed so much, fought tooth and nail to be in the position I am as a division one collegiate basketball player in the SEC (the hardest and most competitive conference in all of women’s basketball). I had to defy the odds to be here, and without that crazy drive of mine to never settle for average, I would not be where I am. No doubt it’s come with a price. Lack of respect from the men in this world, telling us we should be in the kitchen and that we don’t belong on the court. Facing hate and terrible comments constantly. If I wasn’t crazy, I wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Nike advertises themselves as a brand that stands for the ones without a voice. They advocate for people with disabilities, for BLM, for women, for those who want to make a difference in this world. They have created a loyal customer base, as I will be a customer for life.

Dare to be crazy.

video : https://youtu.be/zWfX5jeF6k4




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